Updated on 19-July-2022

Dhamma Anakula Latest News

I] Construction of  Pagoda / Meditation Cells

New construction of Pagoda at Dhamma Anakula has been planned for approximately 100 – 104 students capacity.

Work for it is presently at initial stage and plinth foundation work has started.

For the construction of the above Pagoda, an amount of  Rs 2 lakhs/meditation cell (Rs 2 Lakhs per meditation cell) is estimated.

Layout Plan of Pagoda/Meditation Cells

II]Construction of Students Residence (Mahila Niwas 3) 

A new block of 6 rooms for students residence has been planned(on female side). Each room will have single occupancy with attached bath.

Work for students residence has started and is presently completed till plinth level.

The approx. cost for this whole construction is Rupees Ten Lakhs.

If you wish to donate for any of the above fruitful purposes, you can contact us here.

Note, Donations are only accepted by students (sadhaks) who have previously completed a 10-day vipassana course as taught by S.N.Goenka, i.e., old students only. Donations are exempted from income tax under 80 G.